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fiberglass tank maintenance method

fiberglass tank is a glass fiber reinforced plastic products, which is mainly based on glass fiber as a reinforcing agent, a binder resin is wound by a microcomputer control machine made of new composite materials. However, in the course of any material is likely to be a problem, so in the repair process after the problem, should pay attention to what?

1. Enter the fiberglass tank maintenance, should be closed all the feed valves, venting and cleaning the tank, the tank is detected to confirm no toxic gases, no lack of oxygen to enter the tank, into the tank should wear a soft bottom shoes, tie the seat belt and the other end of the seat belt tied to the tank top, pay attention toInto the tank operation, personnel must be carried out in the tank outside the monitor.

2.To prevent industrial equipment bruised tank wall, the use of ladders, metal parts equal to the contact portion of the tank wall to add a soft pad to protect the inner wall is not scratched, contusions.

fiberglass tank

3.fiberglass tank outside the ladder, the cage, the fence should be carefully checked before climbing is safe and reliable, there are abnormal conditions are strictly prohibited climbing use.

4. Maintenance cannot be free to load on the tank top, are not allowed to exert an external force on the takeover.

5. Fiberglass tank for outdoor use after years of use will be due to the outer surface of the aging, resulting in peeling or fiber resin layer exposed. It is recommended every two or three years should be in the tank outer surface painted paint or resin, to prevent aging and prolong the service life.
In the maintenance process, pay particular attention to safety issues, be sure to check all the equipment after the fiberglass tank for repair.
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