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Analysis of anti-aging properties of FRP tank

FRP tank due to its own body Information polymer polyester excellent corrosion resistance, the resolution of the unique characteristics of commodity acid and alkali.FRP tank anti-aging function in addition to the body data related to the function, but also with FRP tank molding technology and the outermost surface of the UV-resistant resin.

FRP tank body data unsaturated resin is polymerized by an unsaturated peptide bond, anti-aging function directly related to the strength of the peptide bond. Therefore, it is not the same as the medium, it is necessary to demand the choice of the inner tank is not the same resin. The resin is not the same as the anti-aging function is not the same, but also directly resolves the service life of FRP tank.

 FRP tank

FRP tank between the feed and the material, with the role of the process cycle under pressure and decompression, in the role of a long time will gradually attack tired, until all the damage, which is the aging process of FRP tank. The aging process of speed, manufacturing technology.Guangzhou solid peptide FRP tank production line selection of non-alkali glass fiber reinforced plastic filaments all around, from the inside to the outside, glass fiber without interruption forming. Compared with a layer of feeling and then spread a layer of cloth hand lay forming FRP tank, FRP tank all surrounded by Glass Fiber has the incomparable strength advantage, naturally, anti-aging function than the hand lay FRP tank anti-aging function is greatly improved.

Final FRP tank outer layer of anti-aging disposal is also an appropriate key. Years of experience, we choose the resin plus UV absorber coating the outermost layer of the tank, plays an outstanding anti-aging effect.

Note that the above operation techniques although not completely resistant FRP tank aging episodes, but delayed FRP tank aging plays a real role.
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