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What role does fiberglass grating play in municipal roadworks?

fiberglass grating is mainly used for the reconstruction of the Old Road, the main use is to reduce the reflection cracks.

fiberglass grating glass fiber roving as the main raw material, the use of certain woven mesh structure made of the material, to protect the glass fiber, to improve the overall use of polyester geogrid high-strength nylon industrial filaments, warp oriented woven mesh fabric, coated geogrid processed.
Geotextile is used for Road, railway, tunnel, Dyke and tailings treatment...
Asphalt overlay cracks cause analysis performance, after a special coating treatment process to form a new type of excellent geotechnical substrate.

It is a kind of special pavement structure to add asphalt layer on the old cement concrete pavement, its stress-strain characteristic is different from the general elastic laminar system.

(1)due to the presence of seams, cracks, old concrete pavement as the overall strength of the base layer is reduced, and the external force, the asphalt overlay in a three-dimensional stress state. When the vehicle through a discontinuous plate, because the joints, cracks on both sides of the vertical plate adjacent to produce a reflection of the displacement difference between cracks, asphalt overlay appear larger shear stress in the corresponding position, this shear stress is asphalt overlay the main reason for the reflection of cracks. This fracture is usually referred to as load-type reflection cracks.

fiberglass grating

(2)due to the road surface is exposed to the atmosphere, affected by cyclical changes in temperature, asphalt overlay and old cement concrete panels swell, resulting in temperature stress. Due to the stress of the old cement concrete pavement at the seams are not continuous, so asphalt overlay at the same time to withstand the temperature stress of its own and the old pavement produced, especially in the winter when the temperature is low, asphalt overlay at the seams, cracks, because the tensile stress is too large and cracking, the formation of

mechanism of fiberglass grating suppression of reflex cracks
fiberglass grating has a high tensile strength, low elongation, no creep, and asphalt has good compatibility, as well as stable physical and chemical properties, high temperature, embedded lock and limit the role of good features, can be uniformly transfer load, and the reflected crack stress from the vertical to the horizontal direction.
Use fiberglass grating, can enhance the overall tensile strength of the asphalt mixture, effectively improve the stress distribution pavement structure, reduce the stress of asphalt overlay, asphalt overlay resistance and delay due to the occurrence of cracks caused by reflective cracks, thereby prolong the service life of the road.
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