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What is the difference between pp tube and FRP Pipe?

What is the difference between pp tube and FRP Pipe?
The difference between pp tube and FRP Pipe, pp tube is simple and convenient in use, low cost, quick installation, short-term use is not much problem, but it has its weakness, outdoor temperature is high in summer, sun exposure, in addition The temperature inside the pipe, in this case, the pipe will be deformed, bent, and the overall appearance is not good, it will also bring security risks.

FRP Pipe

Compared with the FRP Pipe, the cost is higher, but its service life is longer. It is not afraid of deformation in summer. Its rigidity is better. The temperature resistance is higher than that of FRP, which is about 130 degrees, and the pp pipe is only about 100 degrees.

Therefore, customers choose according to their own situation when they choose. To achieve and save money and save trouble, two birds with one stone, welcome to call.

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