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FRP Pipe measures to avoid deformation

     FRP Pipe equipment, when used, sometimes the phenomenon of pipe floating and deformation, how to avoid it?
       1. When the FRP Pipe is connected, the hydrostatic test should be carried out in advance and backfilled to avoid floating and thermal deformation of the pipeline.
       2. Select the backfilling information of the pipe area according to the requirements, and carry out the correct pipe area backfilling and compaction. The corners of the two ends of the bottom of the pipe shall be backfilled and compacted according to the requirements of the planned support angle.
       3. Before backfilling, the debris in the groove should be removed, and the accumulated water should be removed. Do not backfill in the case of accumulated water.

FRP Pipe
       4. The pipe area should be backfilled symmetrically and not backfilled on one side. The thickness of each backfill should be determined according to the backfilling data and backfilling method.
       5. The tamping of the FRP Pipe should be started from both sides of the pipe wall and gradually approached in the direction of the pipe wall. The compaction of the top of the pipe should reach the compactness of the demand, and the compaction of the backfill of the pipe area is 95%.

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