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5 Quick Tips About Pipe test

Here we will introduce you to several methods of FRP Pipe inspection. One is to check the radial deflection value, and the other is the hydraulic pressure test. So how do we specifically test it? Let's go look.
(1) Check the radial deflection value. According to the requirements of the specification, within the first 24 hours of the FRP Pipe installation, the initial radial deflection of the pipeline shall be tested, and the pipeline shall not exhibit arching, flattening and other sudden changes.
(2) Water pressure test. In order to comprehensively inspect the quality of the pipeline installation, the pressure test shall be carried out in accordance with the experimental method of the “Code for Construction and Inspection of Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline Engineering”, allowing the amount of water seepage to be carried out in accordance with the specifications of the steel pipe.

FRP Pipe
(3) Because the glass-to-steel pipe is connected by a socket type double “O” type seal ring, each pipe of the device must be repressed at the socket to detect the sealing effect of the double “O” type seal ring. Use a test pump to directly pass through the test hole at the top of the tube. After adding water to the pipe working pressure 1.5 times, stop the pump (open the drain valve exhaust during operation), investigate 2min, the pressure drop value does not exceed 5% of the experimental pressure, and there is no leakage in the nozzle, the tube interview pressure That is qualified. If the pressure drop drops quickly, the sealing effect is unsatisfactory and needs to be re-installed to ensure the overall pressure test of the entire FRP Pipe system is successful. In order to prevent the FRP Pipe construction defects from causing the pipeline to penetrate, we can also adopt the following two methods to prevent the disadvantages.
 1. We try to prevent laying in an open environment, and we can't let the ultraviolet rays directly shine on the FRP Pipe.
 2. Another point is that we should use a centrifugally-cast sand tube to ensure that the wall is very fine and robust under the effect of centrifugation, and there will be no gaps and delamination, which will greatly improve the product. the quality of.

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