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Facts Everyone Should Know About Frp Pipe

Facts Everyone Should Know About Frp Pipe

FRP Pipe's pipelines are light and high-strength; transportation, installation and maintenance are convenient; no heavy-duty, hoisting equipment features, the inner wall of the pipeline has non-fouling characteristics, and the inner wall can be kept smooth for long-term use. The insulation layer is manufactured at work and can effectively shorten the installation time.

Frp Pipe

The main forming process of the FRP Pipe channel is that the inner pipe and the outer pipe of the pipe are all controlled by a microcomputer and a glass fiber winding process, and the interlayer between the inner pipe and the outer pipe is made of polyurethane foam. It is used in oilfield, chemical, water supply and drainage, food, post and telecommunications, anti-corrosion insulation and sewage treatment engineering industries.

Therefore, FRP Pipe is widely used in hot spring water pipes, oil field geothermal fluid pipes, urban and factory heating systems, chemical water vapor pipes and other heat medium pipes. Moreover, according to the needs of users, non-standard design and production have been favored by consumers.

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