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What do you need to pay attention to?

The frp water tank is a large water storage equipment. In order to ensure the safe arrival of the water tank, a series of protective measures are needed to ensure the integrity of the equipment during transportation.

When we are transporting the  frp water tank, we should first hit the wooden box board, in order to prevent it from scratch and extrusion, when necessary, each plate should be wrapped in plastic foam.Since the water tank is "bubble", it should be more careful not to collide when transporting the hoisting, to prevent deformation and to crack the weld. It is strictly forbidden to knock on the gravity. In case of error, it is difficult to repair the site.The water tank inside the pipe joint should be lined with reinforcing plate to improve the strength of the joint.The width and height of the box should be considered for the technical specifications permitted by road, tunnel and bridge.The water tank must be strengthened during transportation to prevent it from sliding inside the carriage and causing damage to the tank plate.

 frp water tank

Welding glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank bottom, weld neat uniform, can not have bubbles, weld crater, glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank on the backplane assembly spot welding under lateral plate around, before the assembly requirements selected appropriate thickness according to the drawing module, the module four difficult thump is leveling.Around the side panel under the spot welding in first floor, after some good measure around two diagonal length error of the box may not be greater than 2 mm, after welding to ensure that the overall horizontal flat vertical combination founder underside module.

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