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How to prevent the glass steel cooling tower from rust?

How to prevent the glass steel cooling tower from rust?

The following is hengshui jiubo composite material co., LTD. To introduce how to protect the glass steel cooling tower without rust, we hope to be helpful to you.

Matrix treatment:

Use flat spade, wire brush and so on to remove the corrosion layer, until there is no loose area, wash with dilute alkali water and rinse with clean water, and rinse well with hot water.

The FRP cooling tower will be repaired with high grade cement mortar.

If corrosion to steel reinforcement, then need to re-weld reinforcement, with concrete repair, mortar surface.Sample taken after the expiry of the curing of concrete and mortar, moisture content, when deep concrete water cut less than 6, 20 r am next step procedure can be performed if belong to repair, can use electric furnace and furnace heating evaporation to, or use the quick dry cement, resin cement to repair.After the water content in concrete is qualified, the surface of the cement, sand, sand, plaster, and mould can be polished off with steel wire brush, grinding wheel and sandpaper, and the prominent edges are smoothed or rounded into small rounded corners.

For the new matrix, the water content of the test is directly tested.

Glass steel cooling tower

If substrate has steel pieces, should be cleaning the bottom rubber processing flow play generally adopt sticky relay strong bottom rubber, epoxy resin its diluent content 1 times more than the thinner lining cloth rubber or higher, respectively, besmear brushs twice, make FRP cooling tower under full seeping through and anchorage in the concrete surface.

When the glue is used to solidify the primer, use the knife or small brush to scrape the glue, and fill the uneven place or the depression in the base.Turn the corners into small rounded corners.

Be tired of the surface requirement of glue material smooth, not too rough.Be tired of the glue material and the cloth glue material need to support.Furan class with furan cement powder, unsaturated resin dung with greasy in rubber, epoxy phenolic FRP cooling tower phenolic available greasy in rubber also available greasy in rubber, epoxy modified class directly and rubber powder modified by make good preparation in proportion.

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