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Standard and technical parameters of SMC water tank.

Standard and technical parameters of FRP SMC water tank.

1. Standard for the performance of FRP SMC water tank.

Chinese People's Republic of China building materials industry standard glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank JC 658.1-2003.

2. Raw material requirements of FRP SMC water tank.

1. The single board material is unsaturated polyester resin suitable for the production of glass reinforced plastic water tank. The performance index of the resin should meet the requirements of GB8237, and the health indicators comply with the provisions of GB13115.

2. The single board reinforcement material is non-alkali non-twisted glass fiber yarn and its products, and the relevant performance conforms to the provisions of JC/T277 and JC/T281.

3. The crosslinking agent, initiator and adding material used in auxiliary material auxiliary materials must meet the requirements in GB9685.

4. Accessories

4.1 the manhole cover can be directly compressed or processed by a single plate. If it is made separately, the base material must conform to the requirements of GB8237 and GB13115, and the reinforcement materials shall meet the requirements of JC/T277 and JC/T281.

FRP SMC Water Tank

4.2 the sealing material shall be non-toxic, which is free of pollution and can withstand the temperature change in the process of use.

4.3 bolts, nuts shall be plated or other surface embalmed.

4.4 the internal supporting parts of the water tank can be stainless steel, food grade glass steel, PVC or low carbon steel coated with non-toxic materials, and the external supporting parts are electroplated mild steel.

4.5 steel tank base channel should be plated or other surface embalmed.

3. Technical quality requirements of single sheet materials of FRP.

1, appearance

The visible defects listed in the table below shall not be included in the internal and external surfaces of the single board:

Visible defect description

Pinholes appear on the surface of the pinhole.

The impregnated fibers are not impregnated with resin.

Fracture, crack, bruise.

The protruding or fibrous appearance of a rough pointed surface.

Bubbles are formed by the accumulation of air on the surface of bubble 2, appearance size.

The limit deviation should not be greater than 0.3% of nominal size.

The protrusion of the top of the veneer is not greater than 0.5mm, and the indentation is not greater than 1.0mm.

3. The surface shall be smooth and smooth, and the fibers shall not be exposed, and there will be no obvious bubbles.The outer surface of the water tank has a uniform coating layer. The surface is smooth and free of cracks. It does not allow obvious scars. The color is uniform. The outer surface defects are allowed to be repaired, but the color should be consistent after repair.The edge of the water tank should be neat, uniform thickness, no layering, the processing section should be sealed resin.

4. Physical and chemical properties

The physical and chemical properties of the single board shall be in accordance with the following table:

Project performance indicators

Tensile strength MPa is greater than 160.

Bending strength MPa is greater than or equal to 100.

Bending modulus GPa is greater than 7.0.

The hardness is greater than 160.

The absorptivity % is less than or equal to 1.0.

Glass fiber content % is greater than 25.

4. The performance of FRP tank shall meet the following requirements:

Project requirement

After the leakage is filled with water, there is no leakage.

After the leakage deformation is filled with water, the maximum deformation of the side wall shall not exceed 1.0% of the height of the tank, and the maximum deformation of the bottom center shall not exceed 10mm.

Water quality conforms to GB5749.

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