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The difference between the GRE pipeline and the GRP pipe industry.

GRE: Glass-reinforced expoxy GRE tube: Glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube;

GRP: glass-reinforced plastics GRP tube, Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe;

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) is the general term for glass Fiber Reinforced composites, which is the general term for FRP, which contains the GRE and GRP.FRP composed of matrix material and reinforced material, we have to call the GRE is different because the base material, sometimes called GRP pipe industry, substrate materials for resin commonly, for glass fiber reinforced material, adding other materials in the production process of obtain more excellent performance, such as, adding graphite or carbon fiber conducting electrostatic performance can be obtained, using phenolic resin as matrix material, can obtain the ability of high resistance to high temperature, can instantly under the high temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius.

GRP pipe industry

There are currently three kinds of glass pipes produced by resin matrix, namely Epoxy (epoxy resin), Vinylester (vinyl ester resin), Polyester (unsaturated polyester resin), the English abbreviation is as follows,
GRE - Glass Reinforced Epoxy
Glass fiber reinforced epoxy tube
GRV - Glass Reinforced Vinylester
Glass fiber reinforced vinyl ester resin tube
GRP1 - Glass Reinforced Polyester
Glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin tube
GRP2 - Glass Reinforced Pipe
Glass fiber reinforced tube

Some of its performance is compared as follows.

FRP Pipe

  Epoxy resin vinyl ester resin unsaturated polyester resin
Tensile strength (Mpa) 65~80 60~75 50~70
Modulus of elasticity (Mpa) 100~150 100-115 90-100
Elongation 2~5% 1.70% 1.50%
Shear strength (Mpa) 30~50 20~30 10~20
Heat distortion temperature oC 180 70~93 60~80
Maximum allowable temperature 110~121 70~93 60~80
Static pressure design pressure N/mm2 63~80 45~50 15~35
Stiffness attenuation 10% 20% 40%
Heat shrinkage 1~2% 7% 7%
Chemical resistance good good Good

The above three types of tubes are most commonly used in GRE, and the ship is basically GRE. As for GRV and GRP1, most of them are used in industrial applications.

All in all, the GRE tube is also a plastic pipe, which we sometimes call GRP pipe or FRP pipe.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline is very popular in recent years in the shipbuilding industry and attention, special ships such as oil tanker, chemical tanker, offshore platform and so on the ship's ballast system, at the request of the foreign ship used in FRP pipe and accessories, it has the advantage that, in addition to conducting electrostatic, still has a lot of advantages, such as light weight, generally of the same size of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline was only 35% of the carbon steel pipe weight, and seawater corrosion, general FRP pipe factory can promise: work for 50 years, its shortcomings is can withstand the pressure, elastic volume is low.

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