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How to increase the service life of the GRP pipe industry

In some projects, a large number of GRP pipe industry are used. During the process of pre-burying the pipes, the glass steel pipes are susceptible to collision damage. Therefore, both ends and surfaces of the pipes may be damaged. To avoid the adverse effect of the damage to the pipe on the construction period, to protect the ends of the pipe flange and the surface from being damaged has become an urgent problem to be solved.

GRP pipe industry

After discussion and study, the Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Group headquarters unanimously decided:
A set of tooling pieces is used to protect the pipe ends. The surface of the glass pipe is wrapped with three protective cloths, and rubber mats are placed on the sectional ribs. The lever hoist is hoisted into the tank for pre-embedded installation through a strap tied to the glass pipe.
Feedback after the trial of the engineering staff believes that
The set of tooling parts minimizes the damage rate of the pipe ports and also plays a role in antifouling. This measure has saved a lot of hidden costs, such as the cost of repairing FRP pipes, the time and labor of waiting for workers to return to the factory for maintenance.
So the service life of the GRP pipe industry

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