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Maintenance FRP Pipe small method

Maintenance FRP Pipe small method
The inner surface of the FRP Pipe is very smooth and has low frictional resistance, which can significantly reduce the pressure loss along the path and increase the flow rate. In the case of the same flow rate, a smaller pipe diameter or a smaller power pump can be selected, thereby reducing the initial stage of the project. Investment, energy saving (lower operating costs).

Since the resin mortar is added to the middle layer of the pipe wall, the rigidity of the pipe is greatly improved, and it is adapted to be laid in various soil environments and seabed.

FRP Pipe

Here are a few ways to maintain the FRP Pipe:

1. Check the fixing of the FRP Pipe;

3. Check the operation of the use and review the historical maintenance records;

3. Check the running part of the calibration machine;

4. Check the electrical wiring conditions;

5. Check the surface condition;

6. Check and adjust the overall operating conditions;

7. Comprehensive and effective cleaning.

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