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What should I do if the FRP Pipe leaks?

What should I do if the FRP Pipe leaks?

Use underground paving as far as practicable to prevent FRP Pipes from being laid under open conditions, or take appropriate measures to protect the FRP Pipe from direct mapping of UV light.
Since the pipe wall of the centrifugal casting sanding pipe is generally a multi-layer structure, the core layer which enhances the anti-seepage, the transition, the isolation, the rigidity increase, and the lining layer, etc., which are not effective, can be used according to the requirements, and the inner lining layer is provided.

FRP Pipes

The thickness can be confirmed according to the requirements. The FRP Pipe wall is suppressed under the effect of large centrifugal effect, which is fine, precise, solid, non-layered and non-porous.
The pipe wall is a I-beam structure with strong buckling resistance and high rigidity.

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