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What are the reasons for FRP Pipe missing? (2)

FRP Pipe is a continuous glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin pipe. It can not withstand external impact. It is affected by internal and external factors, sometimes leaking (leakage, burst), seriously polluting the environment and affecting water injection. Time rate. After field investigation and analysis, the main reasons for the loss are as follows.

1.2 External damage

FRP Pipe has strict regulations during long-distance transportation and loading and unloading. If the soft sling is not used, the long-distance transportation does not use the wooden floor mat, and the transport vehicle pipeline exceeds 1.5M above the carriage. In the construction backfill, 0.20mm from the circumference of the pipe, using stones, bricks, and direct backfilling, will cause external damage to the FRP Pipe. During the construction, it was not discovered in time, and the use of pressure overload occurred.

1.3 Design issues

The high pressure water injection pressure is high and the vibration is large. The FRP Pipe: the pipe is staggered, and the thrust is suddenly changed in the axial direction and the lateral direction to cause the thrust to be disengaged and burst. In addition, in the steel adapter, metering station, wellhead, flowmeter and FRP Pipe connection parts, the FRP Pipe is lost due to different vibration materials.

FRP Pipe

1.4 Construction quality problems

FRP Pipe construction directly affects service life. The construction quality is mainly manifested in the fact that the buried depth is not up to the design, and the protective casings are not worn across the roads and drains. The casings are not in accordance with the specifications, such as the centralizer, the thrust block, the fixed support, the reduction of work, etc. Causes the FRP Pipe to be lost.

1.5 External factors

FRP water injection pipelines pass through a wide area, mostly in the vicinity of farmland or drainage ditches. The flag pile has been stolen for a long time. Rural towns and towns use mechanization to carry out water conservancy infrastructure every year, causing pipeline damage and loss.

1.6 Operation Errors

The water injection pressure is high and the impact is large, and the FRP Pipe cannot be impacted by the load. After being put into use, the operator staggered the process and the operation was unbalanced, which would cause the FRP Pipe line to be lost.

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