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Learn about the benefits of FRP water cooling tower

Heat, convective heat transfer and radiation heat, and other principles to disperse the industrial or refrigeration and air conditioning heat generated to reduce the temperature of the evaporating heat sink, in order to ensure the normal operation of the system, the device is generally barrel, it is called FRP water cooling tower.

  It is understood that this type of low-temperature water FRP water cooling tower technology is representative of central air-conditioning energy-saving technology, FRP water cooling tower through the transformation of the central air-conditioning system, integrated energy-saving up to 30%, is the entire central air-conditioning system energy-saving products can not match. And it is the first breakthrough at home and abroad FRP water cooling tower water temperature is lower than the ambient wet bulb temperature, the first breakthrough at home and abroad FRP water cooling tower circulating water without Legionella products. Products by the Nanjing Product Quality Supervision and inspection, testing, product performance is better than the national standard. Products through the Jiangsu province energy-saving monitoring center testing, comprehensive energy efficiency ratio (cooling capacity/host + water pump + FRP water cooling tower motor power consumption and) increased by more than 45%.

FRP water cooling tower

Experts pointed out that the cooling water temperature to reduce the safe operation of the refrigerator great benefits, reducing the cooling motor running current, has a security role in the cooling of the motor, especially for semi-enclosed and fully enclosed refrigerator motor safety protection greater role. Moreover, since the summer temperatures are sometimes too high to reach 38-40℃, ordinary FRP water cooling tower has been unable to bring the water temperature down to meet the needs of the host 37℃, so the host overload protection occurs, causing the host can not shut down the normal cooling. This can be avoided with FRP water cooling tower.
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