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what are the differences between fiberglass water tanks and life

The settled place is not the same: fiberglass water tanks set in schools, parks, hospitals and other places for the public to escape when the earthquake disaster and stainless steel days basically apply to all places. The main results are not the same: the fire first is put out to save the disaster and other serious social problems escape to use, the day is the first is the storage of water for a rainy day, streamlining, the fire is the livelihood of life, the other is the day of health care.

Storage of water quality is not the same: fiberglass water tanks and sub-cycle and non-cycle two categories, the former and the water pipe network is not connected, the inside of the water can not drink, the effect of the primary fire hydrant cannot be properly used for the fire brigade to save water supply; the latter storage of water quality

fiberglass water tanks

The size of the scale is not the same: because the frequency conversion skills are getting old, when the stainless steel is installed in the basement set frequency pressure pump to reach the water supply intention, to identify the fire is still used in the original Day is very simple, you can see the size, the day is generally more than 30 cubic

Summarized above, fiberglass water tanks and the day was originally still very different, under normal circumstances, when subjected to a large area of water cannot be satisfied with the use of the day, the fire can be properly stored in the use of water, but the demand is special attention, when the water supply system back to normal.
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