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A brief introduction to the structure of FRP cooling tower

FRP cooling tower simple structure industrial production or refrigeration process waste heat generated by the general use of cooling water to guide away.FRP cooling tower is the role of the cooling water entrained waste heat in the tower by heat exchange with the air so that the waste heat is transferred to the air and scattered into the atmosphere. Mainly used in air conditioning cooling system, refrigeration series, Injection Molding, leather, foam, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling, and other fields, the most widely used for air conditioning Cooling, Refrigeration, plastic chemical industry.

What does the specific structure of the FRP cooling tower include?

FRP cooling tower

Now to tell you about: including fans, water collection, water distribution, water spray filler, filler bracket, tower, due to the utility model water distribution is designed to be arranged in parallel on the water distribution mains water distribution manifold and on a regular hexagonal arrangement was gradually extending line nozzle, and the use of single hexagonal honeycomb straight tube filler and filler bracket pollution, no blocking filler and nozzle, reliable, good cooling effect and so on.
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