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FRP pipe technology and structure

FRP Pipe Road Process and Structure

FRP Pipe's production process has been completely controlled using computer-controlled calculations. Different glass fiber products and resins have been used to automatically control spraying and winding. The production process is divided into four processes.
1, liner molding
2, winding sand molding
3, curing, trimming
1. Demoulding
Fourth, the tube structure

According to working conditions, temperature, pressure, medium, load force state, structure size for material selection and structural design.

FRP pipe.jpg

(a) Structure
1. Anti-corrosion and anti-seepage lining layer: thickness δ1=1.5~2mm
2. The thickness δ2 of the structural layer (ie the stress layer) is calculated
3, outer protective layer: thickness δ3 = 0.25 ~ 0.5mm
(b) Structure

Lining, multi-layer cross winding (sandwiching), outer protective layer combination structure. (As shown below):

FRP pipe.png

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