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Jiubo Composites (FRP/GRP) pipe

Quality fiberglass (FRP/GRP) pipe requires extensive experience, knowledge and training working with resin complexities.
 Jiubo Composites has produced our   FRP Pipe  brand of fiberglass pipe for world class companies like Dow Chemical for over 60 years. With our ability to manufacture, fabricate, and install FRP pipe and fittings, we ensure even the most complex projects will be successful.
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 Jiubo Composites produces FRP pipe  fiberglass pipe from 1″ to 72″ in diameter, and we can source virtually any resin required for your application. Our FRP pipe can meet or exceed a multitude of plant specifications, pressure ratings, and industry accepted standards.

We utilize hand lay-up techniques and filament winding in our manufacturing process. The difference in these techniques is the orientation and layering of the glass fibers. 
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