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Performance comparison between FRP Pipe and steel tube

Performance comparison between FRP Pipe and steel tube

1. Comparison of technical performance
1 flexibility in design
FRP Pipe has the design flexibility and can be designed and made for any combination of technical parameters. It can meet the needs and requirements of the customer to the maximum; and the design of the steel pipe is less pertinent, only to a certain extent this characteristic.
2 strength performance

GRP Pipe has excellent strength properties, the maximum allowable working pressure can reach 6.4MPa, and the design safety factor is more than 6 times.

FRP/GRP pipe

1) tensile strength:
According to the fiber laying and content, the apparent tensile strength of FRP Pipe can be between 140~520MPa, and the axial tensile strength can be between 70~320MPa.
2) bending strength:
According to fiber laying and content, the apparent circumferential bending strength of GRP Pipe can be between 154~340MPa. Not only the nozzle is a flexible interface, but also the tube is flexible.
3) impact strength:
GRP Pipe has a good impact strength, which is more than 300kgf cm/cm2. The test shows that the diameter of the 2600GRP Pipe is free from the height of 1.8m and has not been destroyed.
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