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A variety of connection methods for fiberglass pipe duct.

1, wrapped docking streets of this form is to aim the two pipes, and then use saturated resin of different sizes of reinforced materials (glass cloth, felt, or felt with roving) wrapped to the proper thickness and width.This joint is well sealed and can withstand greater internal pressure, usually used for connecting straight  GRP pipe, elbow, tee and taper pipe.

2. The design of the expansion socket joint is varied.Usually will make bell jar type flaring tube end, and insert the next took over, usually with a circular shape (or other) rubber gasket seal, therefore method is sometimes called "o-ring" connector.

FRP pipe.jpg

3, casing connection with diameter is slightly bigger than the diameter of the sleeve, the inner surface daub on cement, two glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline end is also coated with cement, and then put two root FRP pipe inserted into the sleeve, cement can be used after curing.

4. The hose connection is only the joint of a rubber sleeve to the mouth of the two pipes. The two sides of the sleeve are fastened with stainless steel straps and fastened with screws.In addition, there are flange connections, bonding connections, but generally not used in underground pipelines.

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