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What are the advantages of fiberglass tubes?

Because the primary materials for FRP FRP pipe, pipe products with the characteristics of the material, have very good corrosion resistant function, can be in strong acid, alkali and other corrosive under the place of work, especially applicable to the field of sewage treatment, can also save maintenance costs.In addition, anti - pressure, heat - resistant, good insulation, is also the benefits of FRP pipes.

As for the description and production of the FRP pipe, it is necessary to meet the standards of the country. Nowadays, the standard of HG/ t21633-1991 "glass steel pipe and pipe fittings" is generally used.As for the raw materials of the pipeline, different standards and types can be described according to the company's internship requirements.

FRP pipe

1. Good corrosion resistance. FRP is an excellent corrosion resistant material. It has a good resistance to the atmosphere, water and normal concentration of acid, alkali, salt and various oils and solvents.It has been applied to various aspects of chemical preservative, replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, nonferrous metal, etc.

2. Good electrical function, excellent insulation materials, used to make insulators.Excellent dielectric can be maintained at high frequency.Microwave transmission is excellent and has been widely used in radome.

3. Excellent thermal function, low FRP thermal conductivity, 1.25~1.67kJ/ (m·h·K) at room temperature, as long as 1/100~1 of the metal.

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