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FRP Pipe connection mode.

Glass reinforced plastic pipe connection.

The connection of the fiberglass pipe is connected by the interpolation seal, which is fast, accurate, time-saving and labor-saving.In exceptional circumstances, it can be picked.

Connect with flange connection and so on.

1. FRP Pipe connection:

The pipe connection is made up of two parts: special rubber lining and glass fiber reinforced polyester outer wall.Using full surface heat (plus) crosslinking,

It has reliable mechanical property, corrosion resistance and sealing property.In general, the socket seal is used to ensure the quick and quick.

Accurate, time-saving and labor-saving.In addition, flange connection can also be used for other connections.

 glass tube single seal ring to undertake the connection

A. The GRP Pipe single seal ring undertakes the connection.

Suitable for underground buried pipelines in middle and low pressure.

Double sealing ring of glass steel pipe socket joint.

B. Double sealing ring of FRP Pipe socket connection.

Suitable for buried pipeline under high pressure,

Single interface test can be done.

 glass steel pipe socket bonding.

C, GRP Pipe socket joint.

Large diameter pipeline suitable for high pressure and complex loads.

Connect the glass steel pipes.

D. Connection of FRP Pipe.

Suitable for high school, low pressure pipeline and pipe fitting,

L and t depend on the conditions.

Glass steel tube bearing the

E, FRP Pipe socket "100" seal is connected to the nylon bar "zero" key lock port.

Mainly used for axial tension large pipe, such as deep well pipe.

Flange connection of glass steel pipe.

F, FRP Pipe flange connection.

Suitable for connection of medium and low pressure pipe fitting, pipeline and equipment,

Can be with HG, JB, GB, ASTM, DIN, NF, JIS.

And so on.

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