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Construction of SMC Septic tank (1)

Construction of SMC Septic tank (1)
1. Construction method and key points of construction technology
There are two types of SMC Septic tank structure commonly used in our province, one is brick structure, the other is precast reinforced concrete structure. SMC Septic tank of prefabricated reinforced concrete structure has been commercialized and can be assembled as required. This section mainly introduces the construction and requirements of SMC Septic tank. SMC Septic tank toilet construction key one is to ensure the construction quality and prevent leakage; The second is to install better than the fecal tube quality control. (this tutorial takes "2 cubic meters of SMC Septic tank" as an example recommended by jiangsu provincial aiwei office)
Responsibilities and obligations of construction personnel
Responsible, meticulous and responsible to users;
Study the construction drawing, master every link of the construction drawing, and put forward the overall construction plan. Build or rebuild sanitary toilets according to the drawings to ensure quality and build a qualified toilet.
Save raw materials and don't waste them.
Publicize the benefits of building sanitary toilets to users and the public;

SMC Septic tank
3 location
As far as a family is concerned, the kitchen and toilet are indispensable parts, closely related to people's life. However, people only pay attention to the diet and ignore the other side of it - excretion. With the development of rural economy, the problem of food and clothing has been solved, the living standard has been continuously improved, and many farmers have built new houses and lived in new houses. But the toilets are unsanitary, poorly positioned and unscientific. So, how do you choose to build a toilet?
New residence, or indoor already connected tap water, should plan as a whole to had better build toilet indoors, arrange toilet, wash gargle and bathroom to wait to wait together, flush convenient.
Old house, tap water or not, it is best to toilets are in the hospital, according to the dominant wind direction in summer, the toilet was built on the lee side of the housing perennial dominant wind direction, banned in water BianJianZao toilet, also don't get close to the kitchen, and to ensure the use and waste pickup is convenient.
If housing conditions, toilets are outdoors, should be arranged according to the village construction planning, choose the leeward sunningdale, terrain slightly tall, solid soil, underground water level is low, convenient for children, the elderly to use.
SMC Septic tank foundation shall maintain a certain net distance from the adjacent original building foundation, and its value is generally not less than the height difference of the adjacent foundation floor.

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