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Comparison of FRP septic tank with conventional STS

High compressive strength

Unique ring to dense corrugated structure design, compressive strength, impact strength, for example, cylinder, sphere arch type intensity increase several times, without any its heald reinforcement measures can satisfy different use. According to the testing of the national product quality supervision and inspection institute, there is no abnormality in the normal truck with 15 tons and the strengthened truck with 40 tons. If the traditional septic tank is not strengthened, the maximum load is 25 tons!

Small footprint

The FRP septic tank product is compact in structure and occupies a small area. The actual area is about 60% of the traditional septic tank, saving land resources.

Traditional septic tanks are built with concrete walls and cover a large area.

Fast and convenient installation

Factory production, light quality, convenient transportation and installation, flexible site selection, short construction period, low construction cost, can be installed on the same day.

Traditional septic tank construction period is long, easy to be affected by rainy season and groundwater.

FRP septic tank

Never leak, good tightness

The FRP septic tank product is integrated, with advanced technology, no cracks, no leakage, avoiding the traditional septic tank and affecting the safety of underground water and buildings due to leakage. The traditional septic tank is easy to leak, the minimum distance from the building is 5 meters, easy to pollute the groundwater.

Environmental benefits good, easy to clean out

FRP septic tank product inside the "characteristics of MDS packing", by anaerobic bacteria suspension type packing hanging membrane, which focuses on the biofilm attached on the carrier, been fully contact reaction, improve the efficiency of reaction, is a new generation of highly efficient unpowered anaerobic reactor. Traditional septic tanks degrade slowly and in short periods.

Low economic indicators

Budget price about 20% lower than reinforced concrete septic tanks, and flat brick septic tank, FRP septic tank is an ideal product to good and cheap, affordable, favored by the real estate development companies, construction units and construction unit of praise. Traditional septic tanks are expensive, cumbersome to build and not environmentally friendly.


FRP septic tank with polymer composite materials, comply with the material development advance, not easy ageing, not deformation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, normal use life with buildings, eliminate the traditional septic tank is not adapted to the condition of acid wastewater. Traditional septic tanks are easy to age, deformation, acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.

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