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Comparison of FRP Pipe and pipe flow

FRP Pipe and the helium pipeline judge the flow difference of the two pipes of the same diameter under the same working condition (referring to the pressure and full flow state). As long as the respective flow rates are calculated, the flow rate can be compared by comparing the flow rates. difference. That is to say, the greater the flow rate of the medium in the tube, the greater the relative flow rate.
The difference in flow rate under the same operating conditions is calculated by calculating the difference in flow velocity between the hydraulic smooth FRP Pipe and the helium pipe of the same diameter.
The calculation uses the Manning formula:
Comparison of FRP Pipe and pipe flow

Glass steel pipe flow formula
V-media flow rate, m/s
N-roughness factor, FRP Pipe 0.0084, 砼 pipeline 0.013 ~ 0.014
R-hydraulic radius, m
I-hydraulic slope
It is assumed that the two pipes work in the same condition, that is, the same hydraulic gradient, the same hydraulic radius, and the Manning coefficient of the FRP Pipe is n=0. 0084, the Manning coefficient of the 砼 pipe.
n=0. 013 is substituted into the above formula, and the converted FRP Pipe is faster than the pipeline flow rate.

Comparison of FRP Pipe and pipe flow

It can also be said that the flow rate of the FRP Pipe with the same diameter is 35.38% higher than that of the pipeline under the same working conditions.

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