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grp grating manufacturers should pay attention to what?

Items are required before the production of raw materials, but for the preparation and storage of raw materials is more stringent requirements, an inadvertently may lead to product problems, and raw material problems that may lead to production cannot be continuous, so the factory for raw material requirements is very strict, so for grp grating manufacturers in the production of raw materials

1.grp grating one of the raw materials is glass, so in the transport, time need to pay attention to some problems, the glass is easily broken, so the transport time to add something soft to protect it.
grp grating
2. In the raw material storage when the need for ventilation, so as not to produce raw material combustion phenomenon, can also protect our raw materials.

3.GRP grating raw material preparation is the need for sufficient components so that it can make the production of the connection so that you can achieve the original goal, and in the production process does not appear other problems.
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