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What should you pay attention to when FRP Pipe pressure test

FRP Pipe between the use of plug-in Double "O” ring connection, so each installation of a pipe, it is necessary to carry out the pressure at the socket to detect double”O" ring seal. With a pressure test pump directly through the top of the tube pressure test hole.

Water pressure to the pipe working pressure of 1. 5 times after stopping the pump (during operation to open the drain valve exhaust), observed 2min, the pressure drop does not exceed 5% of the test pressure, and the nozzle no leakage phenomenon.
FRP Pipe
Glass pipe manufacturers nozzle pressure is qualified.
If the pressure drop is reduced quickly, in order to fully check the quality of the pipeline installation, in accordance with the test method "water supply and drainage pipe construction and acceptance" provides pressure test, allowing water seepage can be performed in accordance with the standard steel pipe, FRP Pipe before winding again confirmed lined no bubbles, pores, no impurities, smooth surface, reasonably must carefully check the lining is qualified, Unqualified is strictly prohibited on the machine winding.
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