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What is the automation performance of frp filament winding machine?

What is the automation performance of frp filament winding machine?
The degree of automation of frp filament winding machine equipment is mainly reflected in the following two points:

The first and single robots are controlled by a separate computer system. A frp filament winding machine is completed by multiple robots. After the work is completed, the robots are monitored by the monitors and cameras in the computer system. High quality finish work.

frp filament winding machine

The second, the machine's perception of packaging materials. Because the main packaging material used for frp filament winding machine is a wrap film, and the thickness and material of the film are different, if the machine has a detector to detect and detect changes in packaging materials that cannot be discovered by the human, it can be directly captured by the camera of the computer system. On the display screen. Now that China's domestic design cannot be changed at the time of processing, future designs should work hard in this direction, maximizing energy savings and increasing production speed.
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