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What are the applications of GRP pipe in corrosion control?

At present, although a lot of work has been done on the corrosion treatment project, the problem of pipeline corrosion and perforation is still serious. In 1998, under the guidance of the technical department, the Muir Oilfield began to introduce GRP pipe instead of seamless steel pipe technology and achieved good results.

Comprehensive treatment of corrosion: At the same time as the replacement of some pipe sections, comprehensive treatment work began on corrosion since 1998: At the end of 1998, an ion exchanger was installed in the inlet pipe of the feed pump. However, due to maintenance difficulties, it is impossible to monitor and other reasons.

GRP pipe

Application of GRP pipe in sewage treatment: Because the sewage pipeline in the station is seriously corroded, and the outdoor is an overhead pipeline and parallel with the heat tracing pipeline, and the GRP pipe line needs to be heated and balanced and below 80 °C, it cannot be added. heat. In the second region, the minimum temperature in winter is below 30 °C, so the installation has encountered difficulties.

Through experiments, it is found that GRP pipe has good thermal insulation performance and can be kept at minus 40 ° C for 8 hours without freezing. Therefore, according to the actual production situation, GRP pipe is supported for external thermal insulation measures, and a production management system is formulated to define the pipeline deactivation time. Must not exceed 4 hours. At this point, the application of the non-heating GRP pipe in outdoor has been successful.

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