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Technological characteristics of fiberglass reinforced the pipe

Technological characteristics of fiberglass reinforced the pipe

Fiberglass reinforced pipe
process features can be divided into hand paste forming, lamination forming, RTM method, extrusion-drawing method, die-pressing forming, winding forming and so on. Hand paste forming includes hand paste method, bag pressing method, a spray method, wet paste low-pressure method, and Moldless hand paste method.

At present, there are four kinds of fiberglass reinforced pipe forming methods which are used most in the world.

(1) Hand paste method: The main countries used are Norway, Japan, Britain, Denmark and so on.

(2) Injection method: Sweden, the United States, and Norway are the main countries used.

(3) Molding method: Germany and other countries are mainly used.

fiberglass reinforced pipe

(4) RTM method: The main countries used are Europe, America, and Japan. In China, more than 90% of fiberglass reinforced pipe products are manufactured by hand paste method, while others are molding, winding and laminating methods (see Chapter 11). Japanese hand paste still accounts for 50%.

From the point of view of all countries in the world, hand-laying still accounts for a considerable proportion, indicating that it still has vitality.

Hand pasting method is characterized by the use of wet resin forming, simple equipment, low cost, pasting more than 10m at a time of the overall product. The disadvantages are low mechanization, long production cycle, and unstable quality. In recent years, our country has imported extrusion, spraying, winding and other process equipment from abroad. With the development of FRP industry, new process methods will continue to emerge.
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