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Technical Analysis of electrolytic cell

The principle of electrolytic cell, electrolytic definition, under the action of the current, the electrolyte occurs in the oxidation and reduction processes on the two electrodes respectively. The energy conversion form, the electrical energy is converted into chemical energy, the electrolytic energy, constitutes the condition, and is connected to the power supply. Two electrodes. Electrolyte solution (or molten salt). Form a closed loop.

electrolytic cell

   Special attention, when electrolysis, there are electrons in the external circuit through, and in the solution is to rely on the direction of movement of ions to form a current, that is, the electrons themselves will not pass through the electrolyte solution. Analysis of the electrolytic cell process thinking program, first determine the anode, anode, anode material analysis It is an inert electrode or an active electrode. Then analyze the composition of the electrolyte solution, find the whole ion and divide the yin and yang groups (don't forget the H+ and OH- in the aqueous solution). Then discharge the discharge sequence of the yin and yang.

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