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Safe storage of GRP pipe is very important

GRP pipe has been very popular in underground buried pipes. Many projects choose this product during construction. Its excellent mechanical properties, hydraulic performance and designability are its advantages. It is also because of the popularity, so whether it is the manufacturer or the construction unit, you should pay attention to the safe storage of this product.
For the storage of GRP pipe, we have to determine according to its performance and usage:

GRP pipe
First of all, as a pipe, when storing, we must pay attention to not being squeezed by heavy objects, even for hard pipes.
Secondly, when placing, we should fix it with wooden stakes at both ends of the stack to prevent the pipe from moving around.
Finally, pipeline sun protection is also necessary. Although the performance of GRP pipe is excellent, long-term exposure to sunlight will cause it to become brittle, which will affect its use.

GRP pipe is popular in many projects, we must pay attention to its storage, in order to ensure its performance and service life.

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