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Manufacturer of fiberglass water tanks

Hengshui Jiubo Composites Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fiberglass water tanks, we ensure product quality, and the price is reasonable, we can rest assured purchase. Recently there are many users to consult us on the FRP tank installation considerations, so let's go into detail about the relevant information:

FRP tanks can be installed on flat roofs, floor or household series can also be installed outdoors in the balcony, indoor kitchen, bathroom and other locations. The location of the water tank should be easy to drain the sewage outlet, hot water tank should be installed as close as possible to the location of the host to reduce pipeline heat loss.

Floor works, regardless of the size of the tank should be placed on the load-bearing beam. More than 5 tons of water tanks require customers to do load-bearing basis, load-bearing capacity of the base should be greater than twice the weight of the water tank. When the floor is relatively wide or the water tank is relatively large, customers are advised to divide the water tank into multiple beams placed on the load-bearing beam (under normal circumstances, do not exceed 10 tons in a single circular tank, and not more than 20 tons in a single square tank).

manufacturer of fiberglass water tanks

FRP tank roof should be placed stainless steel mirror reflective, affecting the surrounding office or living environment. The tank floor installation, must be done above 150mm height of the installation of the foundation, the tank should not affect the surrounding residents.

FRP tanks should be placed upright, not horizontal placement. The tank should be placed around the installation of more than 600mm of installation and maintenance space.

FRP tanks placed on the basis of the required level, and the basic plane can not be stagnant water phenomenon; if I-beam or channel welded brackets, tank placement must be flat with steel plate. Because the unit configuration of the circulating pump does not have Suction, so the tank installation location not less than the unit, taking into account the limited head, do not be too high in the unit, the conditions allow the best placed at the same level.

The key considerations for installing fiberglass tanks are these, and we must follow the instructions for proper operation so that their performance is fully demonstrated.

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