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Introduction of Molding Machine

Ⅰ. Summary
This machine be widely used for producing FRP manhole cover, FRP septic tank, FRP dustbin, FRP cable support etc, it’s customized as per different product requirements.
Machine type: hydraulic press for composite material forming, YHD32-630T

With electric heating temperature control system

project of 4-column hydraulic press

Main technical specifications

NO Parameter Unit YHD32-630T
1 Rated force KN 6300
2 Max. Pressure Mpa 25
3 Max ram stroke mm 900
4 Daylight mm 1400
5 Ejector force KN 1000
6 Ejector stroke mm 350
7 Preload KN 2500
8 Mold opening force KN 1000

Ram speed
Approaching mm/s 250
Press mm/s 8-15
Mold opening mm/s 2-8
Return mm/s 100-150
10 Table size L-R mm 2500
F-B mm 2500
11 Motor power Kw 45

Ⅱ. Working surrounding
●Power-supply fluctuation:380 V (±15%), 50Hz, 3P or customized
●Working temperature:0℃-40℃
●Working humidity:55%-85%, without dew
●Altitude:<1000 meters
●Working Surrounding: Without harmful gas, without metal fragment, without metal dust, without strong electromagnetic interference

Ⅲ. Design & Inspection standard

GB/T 9166-2009<< Press Machine, precision>>
JB3831-1999<< Press Machine, Technique>>
JB3915-85<< Press Machine, Security>>
JB/T8609-1997 << forging press, Welding>>
JB/T 3623-1984  << forging press, Noise>>
Ⅳ. Basic structure
The press can be divided in three main components:
1)the electrical control system
2)the press
3)the hydraulic unit
The electrical control system
The electrical control system is separated from the main structure for convenience operating. The panel consists of a number of push buttons.The main operation pressing is controlled by two press buttons, providing a bi-manual operation to safeguard the operator from potential harm. The pressure, stroke and slider speed can be adjusted on the touch screen according to the process requirements.

Project Of 4-Column Hydraulic Press

The press
Main structure is steel welded, heat treatment to remove the inner stress, with high rigidity and stability. The cylinder and piston made by #45 forging steel ,quenching and plating hard chrome to increase hardness.

Project Of 4-Column Hydraulic Press

The hydraulic unit
The hydraulic unit is the power of the machine, it’s placed on the right side of the press and connected to it by flexible high pressure hoses and a multi-signal electrical connection.

Project Of 4-Column Hydraulic Press

Ⅴ. Safety operating

--“PAUSE” button and “EMERGENCY STOP” button are installed on the control station, press “PAUSE” button, the machine will stop at present situation; press “EMERGENCY STOP” button, the whole machine will stop work.
--Bi-Manual buttons operation.
--Equipped with security valve.

Ⅵ. Main components brand

--Main electrical components: Schneider, France
--Oil pump: Gaoya, China
--Main motor: Yingkai, China
--Valves:Taifeng, China
--Seals: UTEC, China
--PLC:Mitsubishi, Japan

Ⅶ. Price

1 YHD32-630T SET 1 ¥500,000.00 ¥500,000.00
Total: 1 500,000.00


1. Above total price is on basis of FOB Shanghai Port..

2. Payment Terms: 30% down payment,70% paid before shipment.

3. Delivery Time: 60 working days.

4. Price Validity:15 days.

5. Packing: A pile of plastic coat covering, steel pallet.

Ⅷ. Installation:

The seller will send 1 engineers to the buyer’s side, who will be capable to install, test, debug and demonstrate the complete press,the buyer will reimburse the flight tickets and will provide food and overnight accommodation for the engineers.
The duration of installation and testing will be around 10 days.

Ⅸ. Warranty

1-year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labor after on-site installation & acceptance.

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