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In health, PE pipe and PPR pipe which is better

Many people are very concerned about the hygiene of the product of their choice.In health, PE pipe and PPR pipe which is better? As a professional FRP pipe manufacturer,Hengshui Jiubo Composites Co., Ltd. can tell you some truth.

PE pipes its main chemical molecular composition of polyethylene. The product is composed of two carbon atoms and five hydrogen atoms, one of the hydrogen atoms and carbon atoms to double bond, and then a single molecule of ethylene polymerization, such products are polyethylene products.

PPR pipes then what is it? The main component of PPR pipe is propylene. That is, three carbon atoms combined with seven hydrogen atoms, of which there is a hydrogen atom and carbon atoms to double bond, and then formed by the polymerization of the product is polypropylene products.

FRP pipe manufacturer

Such products in health and safety above is almost the same. It is important that the raw materials used by the business are not satisfactory and not the difference between the two products. It is also unfounded to prescribe that PE pipes are more hygienic than PPR pipes in the newspapers. All qualified PE plumbing and PPR plumbing products must be hygienically tested (except for fake and shoddy products). That PE pipe PPR pipe more health and safety, but also for consumer fraud.

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