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How to connect FRP Pipe?

How to connect FRP Pipe?
The normal sand FRP Pipe is connected by a socket. The socket is formed integrally with the pipe body, and the sealing property is ensured by the sealing of the double "O" rubber ring. The double "O" rubber ring is symmetrical in shape to ensure perfect water tightness under high pressure or vacuum conditions.

For the FRP Pipe after installation, since the foundation and the cushion of the trench cannot be completely ensured everywhere, the deflection phenomenon will inevitably occur. For the pipe connected by the socket, since the double "O" rubber ring is installed, it guarantees 40%~50% of the compression. When the deflection occurs, the sliding displacement between the socket and the socket is allowed to adapt. Flexing not only reduces the stress of the pipe body, but also ensures the sealing performance, which is safe and reliable.

FRP Pipe

The FRP Pipe connected by the socket can be used for the sealing test of the double “O” rubber ring for each socket connection. Therefore, any accidental or joint debris caused by the leakage of the seal can be timely. It is found that timely treatment can improve the safety and reliability of the joint. At the same time, it can also shorten the construction period and save manpower and material resources with the backfilling, compacting and leveling the landform after the connection inspection. In addition, the stiffness at the socket joint is much higher than the stiffness of the pipe body, so the stability of the joint is good.

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