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FRP pipe production line benefits performance features

1, good corrosion resistance
Because the FRP pipe production line is a high-performance resin and high-strength fiber composite material, it can resist acid and alkali salt corrosion, water or soil corrosion of the medium, will not have any effect on it.

2, little effect on water quality

FRP pipe production line

In the water supply line, FRP pipe production line of glass pipelined resin used for high toughness food grade resin, through the National Ministry of Health and local epidemic prevention departments to meet the national drinking water requirements, and that the product in the electronics industry electronics with a large number of water systems and food brewing industry has also proved its
3, small friction resistance high conveying capacity
Since the FRP pipe production line of the glass tube to the Inner Core Molding, the inner surface is extremely smooth, measured by the Institute of Water Conservancy and hydropower Academy of Sciences of China, the kind of pipe roughness coefficient is only 0.0079, the absolute equivalent of the inner surface roughness of 0. 0054mm.
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