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FRP SMC Water Tank

At present, FRP SMC Water Tank is internatinally employed new water tank. It is assembled of superior water tank panels. Adopting food grade peucine, it ensures the water quality superior and clean. What's more, it is high in intensity, light in weight, anti-corrosional, beautiful apperance, long life time and convenient in maintenance and management.

FRP SMC Water Tank

FRP SMC Water Tank features:
1.FRP is short of glass reinforcement plastic which is made of resin,fiber and calcium etc.
2.It is sectional structure and assembled by panels among 1000x1000mm,1000x500mm,500x500mm three sizes,customized according to the requirement.
3.FRP water tank is widely used in Building,hospital,bath center,water treatment,climate-drought region etc.
4.It is machine-molded product and all raw materials are environment friendly and hygienic to  health.

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