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FRP Pipe repair and reinforcement method

In order to apply the weld to the pipe defect to restore the strength of the steel. Surface welding is mainly suitable for small single point defects, and the surface sheet is welded to a small area of multi-point corrosion, which is a sleeve for large-area corrosion. The advantage of the welding method is the low cost. Fiber composite repair technology has been used on steel pipes since 1990. It synergizes with the high strength properties of the fiber material and the binder resin coating outside the pipe to restore the strength of the pipe.
 FRP Pipe
It eliminates the risk of welding, shutting down the pipeline, and exposing the environment. The cost is between welding and clamping technology, and overall performance is good among the three. Composite repair technology is widely accepted by global pipeline companies. The share of FRP Pipe is still very low.
The key reason is that many users still don't know much about the excellent performance of the entangled FRP Pipe. They still lack sufficient understanding of the application status of FRP Pipe in China, and still have hesitation and wait-and-see attitude towards the selection of FRP Pipe. To this end, this paper analyzes the performance of the entangled FRP Pipe in detail, and summarizes its application status in China, in order to further promote the development of China's FRP Pipe industry.
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