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FRP Pipe introduces the product connection method

Ordinary sand FRP Pipe road using socket connection.Socket and tube body formed as a whole, its tightness is guaranteed by double“O”type rubber ring seal.Double”O " type rubber rings are symmetrical in shape, thus guaranteeing perfect water tightness under high pressure or vacuum conditions.

For the installation of FRP Pipe road, due to the trench Foundation and cushion can not be completely guaranteed everywhere uniform, so inevitably deflection phenomenon. For pipe socket connection, due to the Double " O”type rubber ring at the time of installation, to ensure that there is 40% to 50% of the amount of compression, when the deflection occurs, the socket and the socket between the sliding displacement allows a smile to adapt to the deflection, both to reduce the stress of the tube, while ensuring tightness, so
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Using socket connection FRP Pipe, each socket connection section, you can double " O”type rubber ring seal test, so the impact of any accident or debris at the joints and seal leakage can be related to the timely detection, timely treatment, can improve the safety and reliability of the joint.At the same time can also be connected with the test, with the backfill, tamp and flattened appearance, thus shortening the construction period, saving manpower and material resources.In addition, the stiffness of the socket joint is much higher than the stiffness of the tubular body, and therefore good stability of the joint.
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