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FRP Chimney manufacturer

Hengshui Jiubo Composites Co., Ltd. is a professional FRP Chimney manufacturer.Our company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 management system certification.

Next, we introduce to you the application status of FRP Chimney preservation technology.

Since 2003, the domestic implementation of wet flue gas desulfurization. From 2003 to 2008, desiccant wet chimney preservative is in the groping stage, most of the late use of tile or spray anti-corrosion process, but the construction quality controllability is low. After 2010, a variety of chimney anti-corrosion materials after the actual application of the test, the final trend toward a few anti-corrosion technology.

FRP Chimney manufacturer

One of the basic types of anti-corrosion board technology for the titanium steel composite board technology. FRP cylinder technology because of its limitations can not be applied to the transformation of the chimney, veneer is imported foam glass brick-based. Domestic three-layer plastic tile anti-corrosion system also has some applications. APC hybrid polymer coating layer occupied the dominant position. The overall application of FRP chimney in the desulfurization may become one of the future direction of development. However, due to the low performance of thermal power plants in China, it is still in its infancy in the anticorrosion of chimneys in China. The mature reliability of design and construction is still uncertain. Only applicable to the structure of the hanging exhaust pipe inner tube (the economy of the free-standing structure is poor), it needs to be installed as a whole (the opening of the existing concrete pipe wall of the chimney does not meet the requirements and should be enlarged). So currently less used. With the continuous decline in the price of titanium steel composite plate, titanium steel composite plate anti-corrosion technology a large number of applications, about 300 Chimney titanium steel composite plate anti-corrosion technology.

Understanding this is helpful when we choose a few products.For more product information, please visit our official website.We are a professional FRP pipe manufacturer.

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