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Construction of SMC Septic tank (2)

Lay out samples and dig pits

After the location of SMC Septic tank is selected and the size of the cesspool is determined, the size is measured with lime wire. The bricks should be set aside when laying the thread, generally 150mm will be released from each thread. And then dig the hole by the line,

When excavating the pit, it is advisable to use direct excavation to make bricks close to the pit wall. For the land with poor soil quality or underground water, the slope should be excavated according to a certain slope, and the backfill width should be no less than 150mm. When backfilling, 30% gravel or brick can be added into the backfill soil. It should be symmetrical and even. For areas with high groundwater level, before excavating the pit, a 2-meter deep water collecting well should be dug near the pool level and the water in the well should be pumped up. Only in this way can the pit excavation and the completion of the pond construction be carried out under the condition of continuous discharge of groundwater.

5 pool bottom

Surface layer: mortar cleaning surface with a thickness of 20mm (constructed at the same time as the wall of the pool)

Upper layer: cast with C15 or C20 concrete, thickness 80mm

Middle layer: the bottom layer shall be rammed with gravel or crushed brick cushion for a thickness of 100mm

Bottom layer: solid earth compacted

SMC Septic tank

SMC Septic tank body

Brick masonry: mixed with MU7.5(no. 75) clay bricks and M7.5(no. 75) strength grade (mark)

Masonry with mortar; The shape and size of the brick (mm), or 240 x 115 x 53 standard bricks, or

85 bricks of 216 x 105 x 43 are available.

Brick SMC Septic tank: according to the size of the SMC Septic tank build by laying bricks or stones good wall, first in three, the separation between two walls, due to the second pool narrower, construction has the certain difficulty, therefore, build by laying bricks or stones to a certain height, the good cement to build by laying bricks or stones wall (it is best not to such construction).

Pay attention to the installation time, position and direction of the inlet and outlet pipes.

Pond wall plaster: the outside wall of the pool is hit with 1:3 cement mortar, 1:2 cement mortar plaster surface, 20 mm thick, and the plaster is applied from the top of the pool to 200mm below the surface of the ground. The interior of the tank is completely plastered, as it is an important measure to prevent the leakage of SMC Septic tank. Three layers of waterproof mortar with a thickness of 20mm should be adopted for inner wall plaster. The surface should be compact and smooth.

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