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Classification and structure of fiberglass water tanks

Fiberglass water tanks are new types of tanks used worldwide. So fiberglass water tanks manufacturer also is our most attention, choose glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank manufacturers, meanwhile, has become a problem we common people most concerned about, there are a lot of manufacturers to produce fiberglass water tanks, but also is the production of fiberglass water tanks, how can see which manufacturer, choose a good tank manufacturers should pay attention to what? That's all we care about. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, both households and construction industries are using fiberglass water tanks instead of cement tanks. Because of its high strength, sealing, easy cleaning and installation, fiberglass water tanks are widely used for roof water storage, fire fighting and other fields. So what should we be paying attention to when shopping for fiberglass water tanks?

First, we should pay attention to the materials of fiberglass water tanks. Fiberglass water tanks are made of fiberglass (FRP), and there are many kinds of FRP. According to the relevant national standards, the production of fiberglass water tanks must use SUS304 FRP, which is often called "edible grade FRP".

The 2nd should notice the ply of glass reinforced plastic, the ply of glass reinforced plastic is millimeter class, general life cistern (2 cubic below) use 0.4 normally, 0.5 millimeter thick glass reinforced plastic is made, use the glass reinforced plastic of 1.0 millimeter above rarely. Some manufacturers in order to deceive the people to obtain illegal profits, without authorization to brag about the thickness of glass fiber reinforced plastic, improve the customer's desire to buy, it is highly unethical. Qualified customers can use screw micrometer to measure the thickness of glass fiber reinforced plastic, or use the method of weighing, the weight of the thick plate to be heavier, there will be nearly 50 yuan of material cost difference for a kilogram.

fiberglass water tanks

The 3rd look model, what different client needs according to the different, the volume size of cistern nature also differs somewhat, do not go unnecessarily the cistern with huge volume, the water of cistern is used up for a long time, it is not wholesome, it is to cistern also has certain damage.

(4) fiberglass water tanks have certain resistance to different water quality. However, due to different water quality in different regions, water tanks may be selected for some special water quality places. Due to the impact of different types of tanks on water quality at home and abroad, attention should be paid to water tanks.

Fifth, it is better to choose big brands. Big companies can buy tanks with relatively good service. Once problems occur with fiberglass water tanks, they can be solved in the fastest time.

Sixth, pay attention to after-sales service. A good product must have a standard after - sales service and commitment to ensure. In short, since it is impossible for customers to be expert in every industry, it is better for customers to buy and install fiberglass water tanks from regular manufacturers. Otherwise, they will look cheap and will usually buy shoddy products.
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