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Basic knowledge of FRP septic tank

Explain the basics of septic tanks for everyone.

FRP septic tank is a device specially designed for treating day sewage with a synthetic resin as the matrix and glass fiber reinforced materials. A traditional treatment system is a septic tank and immersion field (water raft).

The septic tank is a treatment method that uses sedimentation and anaerobic fermentation to remove suspended organic matter from the day's sewage and is attributed to the primary transitional day to treat the building. The sewage contains a large number of feces, paper scraps, pathogens... The solid concentration of suspended solids is 100~350mg/L, the concentration of organic matter BOD5 is between 100~400mg/L, and the concentration of suspended organic matter is 50~ 200mg/L. Sewage entering the septic tank can remove 50%~60% of suspended solids through 12~24h deposition. FRP septic tank is a device specially designed for treating day sewage by using synthetic resin as the matrix and glass fiber reinforced materials.

It is important for the sewage purification treatment equipment used for civil construction in the days of industrial enterprises and urban residents. Hefei Shuangqiang FRP septic tank is a compound material actively promoted by the country. Its lightweight, high strength, good toughness, resistance to slump, bright color and smooth finish to mirror results have far exceeded ceramics, hard plastics, and steel. Similar products of the same type, are widely used in chemical, petroleum, construction, textile, aviation, sail sea, transportation, electricity, metallurgy, machinery, medical, food, paper, environmental protection, and other fields.
FRP septic tank
A septic tank is a device that processes feces and filters it. The reason is that the solidified material is decomposed at the bottom of the pool, and the hydrated object in the upper layer flows into the pipeline to avoid blockage of the pipeline and has sufficient hydrolytic hydrolysis of the solidified object (such as waste). A septic tank refers to a small-scale treatment of sedimentation of sewage and anaerobic digestion of sludge. Septic tank equipment in a joint venture, home toilet, wash basin and shower pipe buried concrete, glass fiber or polyethylene containers. Drainage pipes from the FRP septic tank are buried in perforated pipes or pipes, and the field of leaching or leeches is called collection.

The tube elevation septic tank simply insists that at any moment, it promises a special structure: capsular, flagella, bacteria) hair; digestion; almost all solids enter the tank. The remaining liquid is dispersed into the soil and passed through the process porous tube. The most common form of a septic system is the flow of water that becomes impervious to the soil around the leaching field. When this happens, increase the septic tanks and pipes that are installed in the house and the water level is not properly drained (sewage backup).

The chemical contains a variety of micro, acid and enzymes for sale, attempting to leach out of the field to rebuild the soil pores and septic system. Can be used as a chemical and mechanical method to do your own way to stick to your septic work. Assuming they are proven to be inadequate, you may need to call a professional evaluation status. The septic system will be suspended, assuming they are not properly maintained and cleaned.
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