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Application areas of FRP Cable-protection Pipe

FRP Cable-protection Pipe is used with various special accessories to form a multi-layer multi-column cable pipe system according to different engineering requirements, suitable for the following high-demand occasions:
1. City power, a communication cable is used for protection when laying underground. FRP sand pipe
2. The cable is used as a protection tube when the cable passes through the lane or when it is laid.

FRP Cable-protection Pipe
3. When the cable crosses the bridge and crosses the river and other special environments, it is used as a protection tube. Especially when the cable crosses the bridge, the FRP Cable-protection Pipe can be widely used in the following engineering construction fields:
1. Urban power grid construction and renovation projects.
2. City Municipal Reconstruction Project.
3. Civil aviation airport project construction.
4. The industrial park, community project construction.
5. Construction of traffic road and bridge project.

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